Our Companies

Here is a full list of companies we own or invest in. Each of these companies fit together logically and effectively cater to the specific needs of law firms.

Our Management and Investment Philosophy

The easiest way to describe our approach is that we operate in a similar way to Berkshire Hathaway with two key differences.

Each of the companies we own or invest in operate independently. We believe that each company having its own autonomy is more efficient than a head company imposing management approaches and technology across each company. In many cases, our companies are still run by their founders or early employees and we encourage this to continue.

Although our companies operate independently, we understand the need for effective governance and centralized shared services to ensure we consistently deliver on our strategic goals. As a result, we create an environment that allows each company to thrive independently while benefiting from the collective strength and shared vision of our organization.


We encourage our companies to integrate together at arm’s length commercial terms. This mean each company runs its own P&L and shares in revenue derived from integrations between other companies we are involved in.


We only ever invest in companies that make sense to integrate with our other companies. This has meant all of our investments are either in legal software or legal searching, or businesses that are closely related to the above.

Of course, we are not as successful as Berkshire Hathaway yet, but we hope to be one day!


The InfoTrack group of companies are a global leader in legal technology and litigation solutions. Together, they work to simplify a complex, secure ecosystem of integrated platforms into one seamless workflow for multiple industries in Australia and New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom.


As a leading provider of e-Conveyancing technology and services, InfoTrack has been creating software for the legal and financial industries for over 18 years. InfoTrack has a focus on simple, end to end solutions, leveraging expertise to craft a truly integrated e-settlements platform trusted by users inAustralia, theUnited Kingdomand theUnited States.

One Legal

Since 1990, One Legal has provided legal professionals inCaliforniawith the simplest way to order litigation services. Users can manage court filings, serve legal papers and arrange copy delivery via a single platform.


As a result of a collaboration between InfoTrack and the ASX, Sympli is an e-settlement services provider that offers an efficient and user-friendly platform inAustralia.

Green Filing

Green Filing provides secure, easy and fast eFiling solutions to law firms in theUnited States. Today, Green Filing has filed approximately 14 million court documents directly through its web portal and via a network of white-labelled re-sellers in and across California, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Utah, and Texas.


As theUnited Kingdom's leading environmental and climate data authority, Groundsure gives land and property professionals expert information on risks including land contamination, flooding and ground stability. Groundsure also provides clients with forward guidance on potential climate risks at each stage of the land or property transaction.

Search Acumen

Search Acumen allows conveyancers in theUnited Kingdomto complete every step of the property transaction process under one roof, from onboarding to post-completion.


Lawgical owns and operates a portfolio of brands that provide software, online marketing solutions and educational resources for the legal industry in theUnited States.

Legal Software

Our Legal Software division provides mission critical SaaS solutions to manage and automate the operations of law firms worldwide. The Legal Software portfolio of companies includes legal practice productivity solutions and practice management software such as LEAP and Practice Evolve and specialist verticals such as WealthCounsel, ElderCounsel and LawLytics.


LEAP is a cloud-based legal practice productivity solution and technology leader. LEAP supports the software needs of law firms with an integrated suite of products offering productivity-boosting features and time-saving tools. Today, LEAP helps firms revolutionise their productivity and grow their revenue through state-of-the-art legal technology trusted by 61,000+ practitioners in theUnited States,Canada, theUnited Kingdom, theRepublic of Ireland,AustraliaandNew Zealand.

Practice Evolve

PracticeEvolve incorporates matter management, document automation, legal accounts and CRM into one easy-to-use yet highly configurable solution, offering firms inAustralia, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland all the productivity tools they need to run their business end-to-end.

By Lawyers

By Lawyers offers an extensive online library of legal resources being matter plans, commentaries, precedents, and forms in all common areas of law. Crafted by seasoned practitioners, these resources integrate with LEAP for convenient research and documentation. With 30,000+ global subscribers, By Lawyers is available via LEAP in four countries and independently inAustraliaand theUnited Kingdom, empowering legal professionals to enjoy practice more.


Fileman helps firms inAustraliaand theUnited Kingdomreduce the risk and cost of managing clients’ sensitive information. Its cloud-based file management solution enables lawyers to securely manage the labor-intensive tasks associated with collecting, processing, storing and destroying closed files.


WealthCounsel is a provider of specialist Estate Planning drafting software, template documents for Irrevocable Living Trusts, and other crucial Estate Planning documents. WealthCounsel membership includes all the resources required to practice confidently in theUnited States, including specialist Estate Planning materials as well as primary and continuing legal education.


ElderCounsel membership provides document drafting software and template documents for Special Needs Trusts, Medicaid applications, and applications to Veterans Affairs. As a premium member services organization, ElderCounsel provides lawyers with all the education, training and support required to nurture and grow a successful Lifetime Planning practice in theUnited States.


LawLytics is an all-in-one website solution for small law firms in theUnited States. It is designed for lawyers who want a successful website but don't want to overpay an agency or struggle with software that isn't built for them.


Launched in 2015, WillSuite is the leading provider of Will Writing and Estate Planning software in theUnited Kingdom. In addition to its flagship cloud-based Will and Legal Document drafting software package, users also benefit from WillSuite's compliance tools as well as a built in CRM system.

Thread Legal

Thread Legalis the premier case management system built exclusively with Microsoft 365. Equipping law firms with the tools to manage the life cycle of a case or matter, Thread Legal is designed to streamline, simplify and improve the way firms and solo practitioners work.