Environmental, Social and Governance

Our primary contribution to society is helping law firms to provide crucial assistance to individuals and small businesses, a key factor in upholding democracy. Operating ethically and with care for others is fundamental to our values.

Australian forest


We are committed to managing our business operations in an environmentally responsible manner via the following initiatives:

  • Limiting carbon emissions from consumed electricity, business travel, freight, refrigerants and waste in order to reduce overall environmental footprint;

  • Implementing an Environmental Sustainability Policy, outlining measures to minimise use of resources while maximising re-use and recycle where possible; and

  • Encouraging suppliers to adopt a sustainable approach, with supplier ESG strategies reviewed as part of ATI's rolling contract-renewal cycle.

“We are proud of our efforts in transitioning law firms from paper-based to electronic systems, which has helped reduce our environmental footprint. While we have made significant progress, we recognise that there is still more work to be done to ensure a sustainable future.” -Christian Beck, Founder


We have a long-standing commitment to diversity and giving back to the community:

  • Diversity is a key recruitment consideration across all our companies, encouraging innovation, better decision-making and higher employee engagement;

  • Our companies offer attractive leave entitlement and flexible work options;

  • We partner with organisations promoting employment of traditionally underrepresented groups in the workforce such as Job Support and Indigiearth; and

  • We have long-lasting partnerships with charitable organisations, including Solar Buddies Australia, Mitrataa Nepal, Ukraine Crisis Appeal and NSW/QLD flood relief.


We operate an appropriate governance framework, designed to meet the following objectives:

  • Embrace diversity of leadership with women holding key and senior positions;

  • Foster a culture of transparency across all ATI companies by regularly sharing investor briefings with shareholders;

  • Support fair labour practices and guidelines; and

  • Implement policies to ensure all employees are treated with respect and conduct themselves with integrity.