About ATI

We help lawyers help people. Our core focus lies in assisting small to medium-sized law firms. We recognize that larger firms typically represent corporations, and that's why we are committed to providing dedicated support to the law firms who help the individual or small business in need.

History and Evolution of ATI

For over 30 years, ATI has been consistently delivering growth in the LegalTech sector through a demonstrable history of innovative, solution-driven product development. 

Today, ATI continues to have a successful track record of acquiring, integrating and growing businesses in the legal sector.

Legal Software

Since 1992, ATI has been a world leader in developing cloud-based legal practice productivity software solutions to manage and automate the operations of law firms of all sizes.


A leading SaaS technology innovator since 2000, InfoTrack provides clients with access to an integrated cloud-based platform with due diligence searching, complete e-conveyancing, and litigation workflow solutions.

A Market Leader Well-Positioned for Growth

Our journey doesn't end here. ATI is aiming for new heights as we continue to grow through innovation and consolidation.

By leveraging competitive strengths and leading the LegalTech industry, ATI continues to be well positioned for significant growth in 2023 and beyond.

  • Organic growth:A strong track record of in-house organic product innovation and expanding market share to drive new customer wins. 

  • Product amplification:The ability to bolster product offering and capabilities through innovation and investment in adjacent expansion opportunities.

  • Cross-sell payments:Native legal payments solutions represent an embedded opportunity for ATI to leverage its existing subscriber base to springboard into the global market. 

  • Geographic expansion:Geographic expansion into markets with common characteristics using ATI's leading offerings represents a cost-effective and immediate growth exposure with a successful track record of highly strategic acquisitions.

  • M&A platform:A proven history of successfully acquiring, integrating, and expanding businesses and ventures. Furthermore, ATI invests in a wide range of companies and scenarios, starting from early-stage and startup financing through to buyouts.